Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do people usually “think about it” before moving?

  1. Some take longer than others, but our experience has been that long-time homeowners take a minimum of 6-12 months to make an emotional move.  The emotional move takes place in one’s mind.  Once that emotional move has been made, a physical move can often occur within 30-45 days.  Call now to learn more about how we can help you or your family members at (336) 496-3909.

Q. What if my kids live out of state and I need help moving?

A. Hiring a move manager—also known as a moving coordinator—is the ideal solution for people in this situation.  If you are unable to find a professional moving coordinator near you, it may be helpful to call on a professional care manager or organizer.  Explain what you need, and they will likely assist you for an hourly rate.  Call now and let us help guide you through this and other steps in downsizing (336) 496-3909.

Q. Where do I start with sorting my possessions?

A. Sorting can seem overwhelming at first glance, so we recommend you begin with one room, a closet or a dresser.  Keep in mind that you are only looking for items that you may be taking with you.  If you open a cupboard or closet and say, “I don’t want any of that,” then leave it alone and move on.  A common misconception is that every nook and cranny needs to be gone through.  Often, estate sale companies will allow you to take a last-minute scan of items you may have overlooked during the move while they are setting up for the sale.  As you sort, segregate items to be moved with you from those to be sold, by leaving the ones to be sold right where they are!  Use sticky notes to label furniture, closets, cabinets, and other areas, “sell,” “move,” “donate,” “family to take,” etc.  Call and learn more about estate sales (336) 496-3909.

Q. Doesn’t a house show better with furniture?

A. This is a common question asked by people who are trying to decide whether they should move before or after their house sells.  Every real estate professional will have an opinion on this matter.  Regardless of how the house looks, furnished or unfurnished, there are other factors more important.  Safety and convenience are primary considerations and good reasons to go ahead and move prior to placing your home on the market.  Time and stress also factor into the decision.  When the home sells, there might be as few as three weeks to as many as six weeks to make your move and liquidate the remaining personal property.  Trying to manage all that needs to be done can be overwhelming, thus moving prior to the sale is preferable.  Call and speak to our team about buying and selling a home.  We are here to guide you (336) 496-3909.

Q. Why should I use a REALTOR® with experience working with downsizing and retirement community moves?

A. These professionals understand the challenges of a move from a long-time home as well as the professional resources and vendors to assist with the many details involved in such a move.  In addition to the technical details of the transaction, Downsizing Specialists have a special appreciation for the emotional nature of this type of move, and they will take the time necessary to help seniors and their families work through the emotional aspects.  Call us now to learn more about our services, (336) 496-3909.