We help with the relocation and downsizing experience for long time homeowners.
We guide seniors in developing a transition plan for their evolving lifestyle that allows them to make informed decisions with confidence.
expertise and passion for helping the 50+ market transition to their most optimal living situation.

Key Transitions

Working With you to easily downsize and enjoy what’s next in life!

We empower Senior Homeowners who are going through a late life move by sharing our specialized knowledge of the home selling process and by providing the tools and resources needed to simplify their move.  Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge and confidence needed to accomplish a successful transition.

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We love & know what we do!

Helping Families Living Well

Helping seniors downsize to living well!
Key Transitions has a passion for helping maturing individuals make the right decision for the important next step in their life.

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How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!


Real Estate Group

Specializes in transitioning the 50+ market



Creating a plan that provides the highest upside with the least amount of stress possible.


Informed Decisions

Passion for helping maturing individuals make the right decision for the important next step in their life.



Providing industry-leading advice on the best approach to selling the your current residence.

Leading the way

Senior downsizing and transitions.

Key Transitions gives industry-leading advice on the best approach to selling the client’s current residence, options for the next residence, and creating a plan that creates the highest upside with the least amount of stress possible. Knowledge of each mature living option allows the Key Transitions agent to articulate each option to the client in a fact-based, honest way.

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Key Transitions

Let us help you with your downsizing needs!
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